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What is management consultancy?

management consultancySo, you want to be a management consultant? Find out more about what you’ll be doing.

Once you’ve decided that consultancy is for you, you can specialise in almost anything that takes your fancy. Some consultants choose to advise on insurance matters, others might choose to look at companies in the pharmaceutical sector, or government departments. Within your specialisation, you could choose to advise on any of the subjects below.

Customer relationships

You can concentrate on improving marketing strategies, or simply making sure that companies have the right focus in terms of their customers. You will combine knowledge of the industry with IT tools to make sure both customers and clients are getting a good experience with the company.


For those who are more mathematically inclined, you could work with a company’s finance department to ensure that their strategy is efficient. It involves working with budgets, assessing risks, and helping them to make the most of their staff.


This is all about the workforce. If you want to work with the company on the inside, one of the best ways to do it is to get to know its people. In this area you will be evaluating the company hierarchy, working out whether they are making the most of the talent that they have got, and developing workplace strategy to improve employee performance.


This is a specialist area, and some consultancies concentrate purely on strategic advice. Where is the company going? What is the long-term plan? How will the management help the company get there?


Often the solution to a company’s problem lies in the technology they are using. It might be inefficient and outdated, or it might simply need to be integrated with other systems. This is where the technical integration consultants come in. With training and knowledge about the best technology solutions, technology consultants can give advice and even help train staff on the new systems.

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