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Jobhunting: the Essential Guide

Jobhunting: the Essential GuideFind out how to plan your career and where to look for job opportunities.


Found your dream job and need help applying? Read our guide to job applications.

Planning your career and finding jobs

The first steps you need to take are:

  • working out what kind of jobs you want to apply for
  • finding jobs that fit your plan, your skills and your experiences

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If you're looking for jobs somewhere other than where you live, there can be extra challenges. Find out more about how to deal with this:

Where to look for jobs

Job adverts

Most job adverts are now posted online, either on dedicated jobhunting websites or on a company's own website. They will tell you what the job involves, what skills and qualifications you need, how much you will earn and how to apply.

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Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies that match up jobseekers with job opportunities. They'll take a copy of your CV and contact you if they find a vacancy that might suit you.

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Graduate schemes

Graduate schemes are on-the-job training schemes designed for people who have just finished university. They're often well-paid and give you good opportunities for career progression, but they're also very competitive. You'll normally need to apply during your final year of university.


Networking is the process of making professional contacts. For a jobseeker, it can be a great way to find out about opportunities you might otherwise miss.

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Speculative applications

If there is somewhere you're particularly keen to work, you might not wait for a job to be advertised. Instead, you might send a CV and cover letter asking them to keep you in mind for any future opportunities. It's more difficult to find a job this way, but it may open up opportunities you wouldn't find otherwise.

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Applying for jobs

Found a job you're interested in? Read the Essential Guide to Job Applications to find out what to do next.