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Does the way you look affect your chance of getting a job?

Apr 24, 2015

Does the way you look affect your chance of getting a job?A study suggests your looks can help or hinder your job prospects, depending on the workplace.

Researchers rated men's looks and then asked volunteers to choose who to hire for a variety of tasks. For jobs that required teamwork, men who were considered attractive had an advantage, but they were less likely to be hired for jobs where co-workers compete with each other.

The researchers say it's because people subconsciously assume that good-looking men are also more skilled, so people in competitive jobs want to avoid the extra competition. The findings might not apply to women: research suggests that people are prejudiced the other way when judging women, associating good looks with lower skill.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to prevent the way you look from affecting your job prospects – but it's unlikely to be the deciding factor. Reading our guides to writing a good application and impressing in job interviews will tell you about the things that matter much more and that you really can control.

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