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What are the most common errors on job applications?

May 11, 2015

What are the most common errors on job applications?Almost two thirds of job applications checked this year contain errors, new research suggests.

The figure is the highest since 2011, according to the company HireRight, which checks applications for other employers. Mistakes were most common in the education section of applications, with 39% of CVs containing incorrect information. Employment history was close behind at 36%.

Whether it's an attempt to impress or a simple mistake, an inaccurate application can cost you a job if it's discovered. Even if you get through the recruitment process, you can be fired if it turns out your application was misleading, so check that all the details on your CV are completely accurate and resist the temptation to make things up.

Previous research by the company showed that employers often check the details more carefully for entry-level positions, while applications for senior roles are more likely to be taken on trust - so it's even more important to check your application carefully at the start of your career.

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