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Which pays more: moving jobs or staying put?

May 19, 2015

Which pays more: moving jobs or staying put?People who stayed in the same job got a bigger pay increase last year than those who didn't, according to the Office for National Statistics.

When people move to a new job, it's often to get better pay. But in 2014, average pay for people who stayed put went up by 4.1%, compared to just 0.1% for all employees. Pay has gone up faster for those who stuck with their job since 2007, but last year's difference was the biggest yet.

However, the full picture may not be so simple. For example, the figures for all employees are affected by people starting their careers and people leaving full-time work, not just those who moved to a different job. People are also more likely to stay in the same job once they are in a high-up position. So while overall statistics like this can be useful, it's important to think about your particular circumstances while planning your career.

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