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Applying for a university course abroad

Applying for a university course abroadFind out how to apply if you want to study outside the UK.

The application process

Some European universities are being brought into the UCAS system, allowing you to apply for them in the same way you would a UK university. For most, though, you’ll have to contact the universities directly to find out how to apply. Do this early, because you’ll also need to know whether they will recognise your current UK qualifications, or whether you need to study any additional courses or qualifications before you’re eligible. Plus, bear in mind that certain countries – such as the USA – charge students to apply to university, so you’ll need to find about any costs like this in advance.

Application forms are normally similar to the UCAS form, requiring your exam results, a personal statment and a reference. Remember, you might also have to go to an interview – more difficult if it means travelling a long way!

Application deadlines can also differ in different countries, so check this well in advance.

Remember, you can still apply for courses in the UK if you are applying overseas. However, you won't be able to use a UK application as an 'insurance' choice to back up a conditional offer outside the UCAS system.

Entry requirements

Most universities will accept A-levels or the International Baccalaureate. However, their requirements may be different to what you would expect in the UK: for example, they may only accept A-levels taken at the same time as each other, and may require certain subjects regardless of what you want to study at university.

If your course isn't in English, you'll normally need a qualification to show that you can speak the langauge well enough to follow the course. Make sure you check what is required before you apply.

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