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CNC explained

CNC explainedCNC stands for ‘Computer Numerically Controlled’. Check out the article below to find out why CNC machines are so important to engineers.

What is a CNC machine?

In machine production, many different systems are required to tell the machines what to do, and different machines are necessary to perform each task. CNC machines are any that are controlled by computers.

How is CNC used?

More than one CNC machine is used in a typical manufacturing process. A number of CNC machines will be combined in a ‘cell.’ Typically, each CNC machine in the cell will perform a different operation.

For instance, one machine may cut a part into the right shape, another machine may turn it, and another machine may drill a hole in it.

Why is CNC used?

CNC can perform many of the jobs that humans used to perform. They are often used on routine, repetitive tasks which previously would have required a factory full of workers. CNC machines are cheap to use, and they can work 24 hours a day.

In fact, it is common for CNC machines to continue running even when their human colleagues have gone home for the weekend. Many companies will programme the machines to detect errors or malfunctions. The machines can then automatically call or text an off-duty engineer if they have problems.

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