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Famous people who studied engineering

Famous people who studied engineeringIt’s not all about building bridges and racing cars – the skills learned in the engineering environment can set you up for anything!

Check out these famous engineers, and see just how diverse your career options are!

Jimmy Carter - US President

Jimmy Carter studied in the US Naval Academy, and worked on submarines, reactors, and nuclear physics. His extraordinary engineering background will have given him the analytical skills required to perform his presidential duties.

Carol Vorderman - TV presenter

Contrary to popular belief, Carol does not have a maths degree. Her numerical skills were learnt during her time at Sidney Sussex college, Cambridge, studying Engineering.

Cindy Crawford - Supermodel

Cindy was accepted for a scholarship in chemical engineering. However, she quickly decided that it wasn’t the career for her, and she dropped out to pursue a career as a model. She now holds the record for the most front-covers of any model in history.

Rowan Atkinson - Comedian and actor

You might know him as Blackadder, but he began his studies as an engineer. Rowan went to Newcastle University to study Electronic Engineering, before going on to do an MSc.

Neil Armstrong - Astronaut

OK, so it’s quite an obvious one! Neil Armstrong studied for a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, then went on to study Aerospace Engineering. A fitting start for someone who wanted to walk on the moon!

Ashton Kutcher - Actor

Ashton studied Biochemical Engineering. He claims he was inspired to study the subject because of his younger brother’s heart complaint. Kutcher’s brother had to have a heart transplant when he was very young.

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