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How can mechanical engineers help the environment?

How can mechanical engineers help the environment?Dave Evans is a Graduate Engineer for RWE npower. Since graduating in 2007 he has been learning the ropes and working on large-scale projects at power stations. Dave was a resident expert on the site for a month, and users got the chance to ask him some questions about his work.

"With a mechanical engineering degree, can you work in other sectors like energy and environment? Did you study anything in this area when you were doing this degree?"

A Mechanical Engineering degree allows you to follow a career in a surprising range of interesting industries, certainly including energy or environment sectors. 
During the course of my degree, I completed several modules concerned with such subjects as energy efficiency, energy management, recycling processes etc. which were generally quite interesting, and really relevant to my eventual chosen role at npower.

The modules I mentioned covered the legal/moral responsibility that engineers have to care for the environment. We also had lectures explaining the technical challenges faced in meeting lower CO2 targets; increasing thermal efficiency, improving recycling processes and reducing waste to landfill, as a few examples.

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