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Bond gadgets of the past

Bond gadgets of the pastDo you love the gadgets in Bond films? Nowadays you can often buy your own! We had a look at the engineering behind the gadgets used in Bond films.

Many of the Bond gadgets seemed very futuristic when the films were released, but these days we can buy many of them on the local high street.


In the film ‘From Russia With Love’ Bond is issued with a pager so he could be contacted anywhere. These days pagers are positively old-fashioned, and have been replaced by the much more hi-tech mobile phone!


Goldfinger had an industrial laser that was powerful enough to cut through steel at close range. At the time lasers were not common, and were a specialist tool used mainly in the scientific and engineering community.

Now, however, lasers are used every day, not just in industry but in surgery, entertainment shows, and even at the tills in your local supermarket.

Tracking devices

Most notably used in ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’, when it was used to track Scaramanga’s flying car, simple tracking devices are so common now that many people have more than one.

GPS technology means that not only can you carry a tracking device in your car to help you with directions, you can also have one on your mobile phone to help you out when you’re on foot. Getting lost is a thing of the past!

Jet pack

OK, OK, so they’re not that common. No one is using a jet pack to get to school, after all. However, they have become more common since Bond first strapped on a jet pack and powered off in Thunderball. In fact, one Swedish adventurer known as ‘Fusionman’ successfully crossed the channel by jet pack.

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