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Bond gadgets: Secret weapons

Bond gadgets: Secret weaponsOne of the first rules of spying is that things are not always as they seem. Check out the disguised pieces of engineering that helped Bond battle his enemies.

Garotte watch

Bond was famous for having watches that served other functions. Some would be pretty easy to replicate today, such as the watch with a digital TV screen. They aren’t in common use, but they wouldn’t be problematic to make. The only reason they have not been mass produced is that people prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones or iPods.

The garrotte watch, however, was a great example of simple engineering providing a useful function. There was a garrotte wire hidden behind the clock face, and Bond used it as a weapon in From Russia With Love to escape from yet another evil henchman.

Mobile phone taser

The taser on Bond’s gun got him out of a tight scrape with Dr Kauffman in 'Tomorrow Never Dies'.

Although the danger of having a taser phone, which delivers an electric shock to its user, means that no company would ever be likely to market one, there is no reason why this gadget couldn’t be produced in real life. The only impractical aspect would be the battery – tasers need a lot of power to knock someone out and this couldn’t be delivered by a standard mobile phone battery.

There are also the practical problems – no one wants an accidental shock while on the phone!

Pen gun

They say the pen is mightier than the sword and in this case there is no question. This tiny gun was used in the film ‘Never Say Never Again.’ Rather than firing bullets, the gun fires tiny rocket grenades.

Is it possible? Well, some gadget enthusiasts have tried to create their own. The small guns only fire very small rounds rather than rocket grenades, but the mechanism works. We don't recommend you try this at home, though!

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