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Fake trees fight global warming

Fake trees fight global warmingIn the rush to prevent global warming, scientists have come up with a novel way of ‘cleaning’ the environment.

Wallace Broecker, the man who coined the term ‘global warming’, has proposed a radical solution – hundreds of fake trees. The ‘trees’ are actually carbon scrubbers – machines designed to remove excess carbon from the air and pump it underground. The scrubbers would be around 50ft high and 8ft wide, and it is estimated that we would need millions of them to offset the current carbon levels.

It may sound like an impossible task. We would need 20 million of these devices just to offset the carbon produced in America, and to produce them for the entire world would cost over $600 billion. However, Dr Broecker says that it is not as hard as it sounds: ‘We make 55 million cars a year, so if we really wanted to we could. Over 30 or 40 years we could easily make that number.’

Some environmentalists are concerned that this will mean people stop trying to reduce their carbon emissions, because they will no longer need to be green. Others believe that the cost of producing the scrubbers will outweigh the benefits. There are also scientists who worry about what we will do with all of the carbon that has been collected. Dr Broecker says that decisions need to be made quickly: ‘It's a race against time and we are just sort of crawling along at a slow pace’.

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