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Cheap exercise at university

Cheap exercise at universityThe student lifestyle often isn't compatible with staying healthy. Find out how to get some extra exercise without spending too much.

Join a sports club

You don't have to be a top athlete to join a university sports club. Most are happy to welcome anyone with a bit of enthusiasm. Depending on your skill, you might not get to play in many competitive matches, but you will have the chance to play and improve, and some sports societies will organize matches or tournaments specifically for beginners. Of course, if you're already keen on a particular sport you can try out for teams and play against other universities.

Depending on the club, you might have to pay a membership fee or help with the cost of equipment, but even if you do it is likely to be cheap.

University sports clubs are also a great opportunity to try out something new, from water polo to fencing. Look around the freshers' fair to find out what's available at your university, or take a look on the university website.

Take a look at the university gym

Gym memberships are expensive and often lock you into long contracts - but university gyms are different. Because they're run as a service for students and staff, rather than to make money, they'll often be much cheaper and more flexible. They're also likely to be located near campus.

Some institutions will offer discounted or free membership at commercial gyms to their students. You'll be able to find out more on the university website or from your student union.

Embrace pedal power

If you live away from campus, you can turn the journey into an exercise routine. Walking or cycling instead of driving or taking the bus won't turn you into Jessica Ennis, but it's an easy way to fit in some exercise without having to think too much about it.

It could even save you money, if you're no longer paying for bus fares - but don't forget the cost of maintaining a bike if you choose to cycle.

Find out more about transport at university.

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