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Ideas for a cheap night out

Ideas for a cheap night outGoing out and having fun can be a big part of settling in at university and relaxing after lectures. And with plenty of opportunities at your fingertips such as bars and music venues, it can be a university highlight for a lot of students.

But, as well as establishing a good study- social life balance, it is also important to watch those pennies. Try these ideas for a budget night out.


Costs: North: £5.50 South: £7.50/ Cheaper before 5pm and during weekdays
Advantages: Useful and inspirational for creative courses such as media and film studies.
How sociable is it? Not the most sociable as you can’t talk. Great for dates and talking points.


Costs: Admission only: North: £3-£10 South: £4-£10
Entry costs will vary dramatically but look out for special student nights offering NUS discounts or find out what nights are being held at your local students’ union.
Advantages: Dancing is great exercise but if you drink alcohol it cancels it all out.
How sociable is it? Very, but can be a bit noisy for chatting. It can be dark – often a good thing!

Eating out

Costs: £10-£15 (plus drink).
Advantages: Can be a great place to discuss your studies over a bite to eat.
How sociable is it? Extremely– you have to either talk or endure awkward silences.


Costs: Ranges from £0- £3 in pubs to £15 in comedy clubs for top names.
Advantages: Inspirational for budding stand ups but more for having a great time. Plus laughter is good for the immune system and de-stresses.
How sociable is it? You’ll enjoy it but talk or heckle at your peril!

The pub

Costs: Varies depending on where you drink. Student Unions have £1 a pint nights
Advantages: A favourite place to discuss all things; politics, religion – you name it.
How sociable is it? Extremely- spending time in the pub is by far the most common social activity at university.


Costs: You may need to pay Gym fees, kit and hire costs. But a cheaper alternative is to run or do a sport in the park where it is free.
Advantages: Useful for sport science or biology but also provides energy for your studies. Plus there are huge benefits to your body; you’ll look and feel good and de-stressed.
How sociable is it? Very – sport is a great way to build bonds and interact with others.

A night in with friends

Costs: Eating in is cheap, DVD rental is only about £3. Note- if you plan to watch telly, make sure you get a TV Licence, which could set you back about £140.
Advantages: It can be by far the cheapest activity.
How sociable is it? Very – having friends round is really sociable and a great time to bond.

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