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Getting into medicine with a biology degree

Getting into medicine with a biology degreeMedicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine are popular options for biology graduates. Find out about how to make the change.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses allow you to qualify as a doctor, dentist, nurse or vet after studying something else as an undergraduate. Entry requirements vary depending on the institution, but as a biology graduate, you should be eligible for just about any of them as long as your results are good enough. On some courses, you might even be able to skip a year and qualify sooner.

It will be much easier to get a place if you have some work experience before you apply. Find out more about work experience for medicine.

Other medical careers

Becoming a doctor, dentist or vet isn't the only way into the medical world. Other options include:

  • Medical research: If you're interested in medical research, you'll need to do a PhD after your undergraduate degree. This will take around three years,
  • Clinical biology: Clinical biologists work with doctors to help protect and treat patients - for example, by testing samples and identifying infections. The NHS Scientist Training programme allows graduates to train to be clinical biologists while being paid.
  • Pharmaceuticals: A biology degree will be useful for a wide range of careers in the pharmaceutical industry, from computer programming to marketing. Pharmaceutical companies often look for degrees in the life sciences even for jobs that aren't directly science-based - but you'll need to demonstrate you have the other skills required, too.