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How was the moon made?

Jun 06, 2014

Scientists claim to have proof that the moon was created from the wreckage of the Earth crashing into another planet.

The ‘giant impact’ hypothesis says that the Earth collided with a planet called Theia 4.5 billion years ago, which destroyed Theia but formed the moon after the debris fused together in space. The theory is popular among scientists but has never been conclusively proved, because analyses of moon rock showed it originated on Earth, and contained no trace of another planet.

Now, however, scientists have found a different ratio of types of oxygen in moon rock brought back by astronauts. Since each planet has a different ratio of oxygen in its rock, they say this proves it does not come from Earth. But not everyone is convinced because the difference in ratios is quite small compared to the difference with other planets in the solar system, and some believe this could be explained by the Earth absorbing other material after the moon was created in another way.

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