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Do higher salaries make maths courses more appealing?

Dec 12, 2014

Do higher salaries make maths courses more appealing?A study suggests that students are more likely to take maths at A-level if they know how it could affect their future salaries.

Research conducted at the University of Birmingham, gave students information on the graduate earnings of those who studied maths. Those students were 39 per cent more likely to study maths than those who did not review the salary statistics. Lead researcher Professor Davies, told The Independent: 'What we now know for sure from this research is that better information about graduate salaries would increase take-up of maths and would do so cheaply, without having to coerce children into studying it.

Past research has shown that students who took A-level maths earn on average 10 per cent more than those who didn’t. The average salary for a graduate with a mathematics degree is £24,259. Some of the top paying jobs in the field include actuaries and statisticians. Maths is also useful for other high salary jobs, such as aircraft pilots and flight engineers, who on average make £78,356.

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