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A-level chemistry revision guide

chemistry revisionWant help revising? Here are some online resources to help you pass chemistry A-level in style.

This is a great place to come for a comprehensive review of all the main areas covered by chemistry AS and A2 Level. There are detailed notes on all areas and revision summaries that you can print out and carry round with you. Once you feel like you’ve absorbed enough information, have a go practising the sample questions.

An easy to use website, which leads you to clear and detailed explanations of the topics you need to know for A level chemistry. The notes come with diagrams and an option to test what you’ve learnt.

Doc Brown’s chemistry clinic
A big friendly site that will help you get to grips with AS and A2 chemistry. Try taking the multiple choice quizzes after you’ve revised a subject to help you judge how much you’ve taken in.

Revision notes
Come here for revision notes on atoms, energetics, periodicity, transition metals and organic chemistry. The information is presented in quite a dry style, so if you find your enthusiasm flagging, maybe move over to a livelier site.

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