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What is the biggest scientific problem facing the world?

May 19, 2014

What is the biggest scientific problem facing the world?A £10 million prize has been launched to solve the world's biggest scientific problem - once the organisers have worked out what it is.

The Longitude Prize 2014 is named after a similar competition in 1714, which offered up to £20,000 to anyone who could find a way to work out a ship's longitude when at sea.

The organisers of the new prize are asking the public to vote on which problem it should tackle. The options are:

  • Ensuring that everyone has nutritious, sustainable food
  • Restoring freedom of movement to people with paralysis
  • Creating environmentally-friendly aircraft
  • Allowing people with dementia to live independent lives
  • Creating medical tests to allow antibiotics to be targeted better
  • Inventing a cheap, environmentally-friendly way to make seawater drinkable

Voting opens at 10pm on 22 May. Once the problem is chosen, the prize will run for five years, or until someone submits a winning solution.

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