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What would you call the next British space mission?

Mar 18, 2014

The European Space Agency is running a competition to name Major Tim Peake’s trip to the International Space Station.

You might not get to see your own name in stars, but the European Space Agency (ESA) is offering the next best thing: the chance to choose the title of British astronaut Major Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station in 2015, where he will spend six months performing experiments. The winning entry to the public competition, chosen by Major Peake, will be used as the official name and incorporated into the logo for the mission. Entrants must explain their reasons for choosing the name but ESA have some advice to increase your chances of winning: go for one or two short and snappy words, don’t use personal names, and try to think of something that both reflects the mission’s aims and is easy to pronounce in the language of any of the ESA’s member countries.

You can enter the competition on the ESA website. Entries close at 10am on April 4.

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