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What's the world's favourite number?

Apr 11, 2014

More people have an ‘emotional connection’ to seven than any other number.

It’s said to be lucky for some, but it seems to be more than a fluke that’s put seven at the top of an online poll of over 40,000 people from around the world designed to find the number they felt the biggest emotional connection to. As the number of days in the week, seven has a central role in our lives and also plays an important part in many different religions and cultures. It’s the number of deadly sins and virtues in Christianity, the Great Holy Days in Judaism, the wonders of the world and the dwarves in Snow White, to name a few examples, and is particularly popular in China because it sounds like the word for birth.

Mathematician Alex Bellos, who conducted the survey, believes that people are attracted to seven as it is the only number between one and 10 that cannot be doubled, halved or divided by another number in that group, so feels unique. In contrast, multiples of 10 were the least popular numbers, possibly because people often use them when guessing at amounts, so they seem less specific and ‘special’.

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